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Dr. Julie Rosenzweig – How to End a Friendship

By Andrew Burgon /
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September 23, 2014

Video Courtesy of The Better Show Channel on Youtube

How to End a Friendship You No Longer Have Feelings For?

In the above video, Dr. Julie Rosenzweig starts by talking about the signals that suggest it might be time to end a friendship. These include avoiding the friend, not wanting to return their phone calls and not feeling satisfied when you are with them. It could be that you’ve simply outgrown the friendship and wish to gravitate toward more satisfying friendships. High maintenance friendships and toxic friendships in particular can cause one to feel drained and angry around the other person.

Dr. Rosenzweig believes it’s better to end a friendship by openly talking to your friend. This way you and your friend get closure and can both move on with your lives. This might start with saying, “Listen. I’ve been thinking about our friendship and it just seems like we’ve grown into different people and going in different directions in life.”

The video finishes by answering two questions. How do you handle the awkward situation of you and the friend you broke up with having lots of mutual friends and bumping into each other at social events. Also what if you are the one who has been dumped and your friend has become cold and distant?
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