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Melanie Mills Talks About Resolving Friendship Conflicts

By Andrew Burgon /
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October 17, 2013

Video Courtesy of The Broadcast Channel on Youtube

Avoiding and Resolving Friendship Conflicts

In this video friendship expert Melanie Mills talks about how to go about resolving friendship conflicts. She says we need to be mindful that people have differing points of view and that there are so many things that can factor into why someone feels the way they do. Some of the ideas she presents includes the importance of containing emotion and to not respond or further the conversation if it looks like doing so will only make matters worse.

When it comes to resolving a conflict, Melanie believes we need to assume responsibility for ourselves first. “What is my part in this conflict? Where do I need to ask for forgiveness?” Then we need to look at where our friend is coming from and seek to understand why they feel the way they do.

Always seek to understand is one of Project Fellowship’s tenants. People are often too quick to judge. Try resolving friendship conflicts by exercising some understanding drawing on empathy and compassion while you’re at it.

A friend that may be a little prickly and rude may be this way because she is suffering from deep depression that’s causing her mental anguish. Instead of saying something like, “I heard you were rude to so and so!” in a reprimanding harsh tone while wagging your finger at your friend say, “I heard you said something to Ryan that came across as a little rude. Was something troubling you?” In doing so you may save yourself the embarrassment of saying something you later regret and actually be of help to your friend in some way.

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