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Shasta Nelson’s 5 Circles of Connectedness

By Andrew Burgon /
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September 22, 2014

Video Courtesy of  Shasta Nelson‘s Youtube Channel

Shasta Nelson of Girl Friend Circles Talks About the Different Kinds of Friends We Have in Our Lives

With the 5 Circles of Connectedness friendship expert Shasta Nelson helps us come to grips with the different kinds of friends in our lives and how that they all have their own benefits and purpose. She also points out the need for balance and foresight when developing your friendship circle. The goal is to have a healthy, vibrant group of friends in your life today that is spread across all five circles.

The five circles Shasta refers to are contact friends, common friends, confirmed friends, community friends and committed friends.

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The Four Values of New Friends ( Contact & Common Circles)

Shasta highlights the importance and benefits of having new friends.

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Our Used-to-be-Friends: The Confirmed Circle

These are the friends who may have had a strong presence in your life at one point and who held a special place in your heart but have for various reasons become distant in your life. They may have moved to another country, started a family or simply are sorely distracted by the challenges life have thrown their way.

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Who are Your BFF’s?  The Committed Circle

Shasta firmly believes in the need to develop friendships to the point where they are able to enter the committed circle. Trust and intimacy have to be earned, not just found.

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Five Common Friendship Imbalances in Our Circle of Friends

Shasta breaks up the friendship imbalances into the categories too many, too few, too broad, too old and too new.
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