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Friendship Tributes: Shrine of Gratefulness

By Andrew Burgon /
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October 17, 2013

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Project Fellowship’s Shrine of Gratefulness is a place devoted to friendship tributes that appreciate and honor the notable friendships in our lives.

Here you can share with us the friendships you are grateful for.  You may also wish to let your friends know that you have left a comment concerning them here.

If you are hesitant to write because a friendship that meant a lot to you faltered or ended up disappointing you, don’t be. Remember the season that it was good and write about that. One cannot expect even a good friendship to chug along consistently the way you would like it to.

To me a good friendship is like a glass of fine wine. To be enjoyed, savored and appreciated NOW knowing that it is only finite.

Are those friendships that fizzled out sooner than later any less dazzling and bright?

Keeping in mind my definition of good friends I’d like to initially add these friendship tributes to Project Fellowship’s Shrine of Gratefulness.

To Kristen M.
What a pleasure it has been knowing you, Kristen. I have enjoyed all the times we have spent together. Eating out, playing board games, that trip to Ping Xi to see the lantern festival or chatting over a cuppa at Dante. I must also say I am in awe of your facial contorted humor! Lol You expressed once that you consider me a good friend. Know this, that the feeling is mutual. I appreciate all the initiative you have shown me and the way you have kept in touch. You are truly a good friend.

To Larry B.
Boy, have we laughed a lot! You are a rare kind of good friend for three reasons. It’s rare to meet someone who shakes my hand with the same enthusiasm, warmth and desire for friendship. The kind of handshake that causes one to look at their own hand after a handshake and say, “Wow.” The second is that it’s rare for someone to take the initiative to come by and see me at home.  The third is the amount of time you sometimes spend with my son and how well you interact with him. Your friendship is one of the best I’ve ever had. A gem of great value. A Ludwig Van Beethoven quote comes to mind. “Never shall I forget the days I spent with you. Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours.”

To Dave K.
Dave, with your words you have truly made me feel like family. You made me feel appreciated and valued as a friend. Few people in my life have made me feel that way to the extent you have. You have been back in America now for a few years and I must be content with the memories of times once shared. Know that I take them out from time-to-time, polish them and admire their brilliance.

To Dave B.
Dave, it has been a pleasure knowing you and your wife, Jenny. From the first day we met you showed interest in me and when the friendship finally got going you have taken the initiative ever since to meet up. It’s great that we share a number of things in common which really goes a long way to making this a really enjoyable friendship. I wish you every success in your school. May you and your wife prosper now and in the years ahead.

To Mitch G.
It’s been great knowing you, Mitch. Know that I miss your vibrant, kinetic self. Despite our age difference and your ultra busy lifestyle you always made time for me. I have fond memories of those times. Thank you for all the invites you sent my way as well as the appreciative and kind words you directed towards me. All the best in your business.

To Stephanie B.
Stephanie, it blows me away to think of the close friendship we once shared as teenagers. Those were some of the best days of my life. I was far away from home while I was at boarding school but you and your mother welcomed me into your lives and home during that time. I have fond memories of going out with you, Sarah and Michael. Of the times we went to church together. You and your mother will forever hold a special place in my heart. Blessings to you and your family.

To Frank F.
I am truly grateful that we met. It’s funny that I often thought of you as an older brother then learned I was older than you! I miss the early days of our friendship, Frank. Those weekly get-togethers at the coffee shop with Dan. The games we played, the visits to your home and the many times we spent together. It pains me a little that those times have come and gone.

For those of you who would like to leave friendship tributes just use the comment box below.

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