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Stories of Special Friendships

By Andrew Burgon /
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February 18, 2014


620 special friends
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Stories of special friendships can be inspiring giving us a nudge to get out there and seek special friendships of our own.

This page is live and it will be updated whenever I come across a new story so be sure to come back now and then.

14 Famous Best Friends

Writers Sheila Heti and Miranda July on their Special Relationship

Comedians Hugh Dennis and Steve Punt on their Funny Relationship

DJ Annie Mac and Broadcaster Sara Cox on their Party Circuit Friendship

By Katie Burnetts

Sarah and Paige

This is the touching story of Sarah and Paige who have known each other since they were 8 years old. For many years they relied on Skype to keep in touch but had never met in person. In the video below we see them meet for the first time.

Jennifer Lawrence & Andy Strunk’s Friendship

Here is the heartwarming story of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence & Andy Strunk. Two childhood friendships powering on in adulthood.

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