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How Not to Be a Boring Friend!

By Andrew Burgon /
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January 8, 2013

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It doesn’t take much to add some pizzazz and color to your life.

Some people feel as though they are in danger of coming across as a boring friend and become anxious at times fearing they will run out of things to talk about. If you are with a talkative friend that is unlikely to happen but what happens when you meet another quiet person? Fortunately, it takes very little to add some colorful splashes of paint over your life and to become a more vibrant personality.

If you aren’t socially active become so. If the current activities you do have become stale open your mind to new refreshing and rejuvenating possibilities. You may be pleasantly surprised just as I have been. Think about the kind of activities you enjoy and join social groups that do that kind of thing. In fact, you might consider starting your own little community around one of your passions. It could become the new sweet spot in your life. You could also extend a helping hand to others by joining a charity and getting involved.

Start reading some interesting books and bring up what you’ve read in conversations especially with other book lovers. You might like to check out what the most popular books are on-line and read some of them.

Know as much about your city as possible. Make a list of all the important places like restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs and movie theaters. Include contact numbers and addresses. Have a copy of it on your cell phone so you can share the information whenever it comes up in conversation. Become the person people turn to for ideas on what to do and places to go.

Consider what your friends’ interests and passions are. If you don’t share them venture out into his or her world anyway from time-to-time. Find out more about them so you can converse on those topics.

Finally, when you are going to visit a friend and are wondering what on Earth you’re going to talk about allow yourself a little time to become mentally prepared. Take out your cell phone and start typing down a list of things you have been up to. For those who feel even more at a loss keep a simple journal on your phone where you record in phrases what you have been up to. For example, “Halloween Party”, “Hobbit 2″,”Garden roses.”

Doing all these kinds of things will enable you to put more conversational logs on the fire. Remember, you determine how interesting and conversational you are.

Have any ideas to add about how not to come across as a boring friend?

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