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Angelics: The Dilemma of Being Fervent-Hearted

By Andrew Burgon /
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October 23, 2013



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Angelics highly prize friendships and will go to great lengths to help their friends.

Angelics are people with a high social nature and needs. They are at the top of the social hierarchy when it comes to the desire for friendship. Friendships are very important to Angelics and is a high priority of theirs. Unlike other people who I’ve met who don’t mention friendships when discussing what’s important in life to them Angelics will definately list friendship in their top 5.

If I’m any indication we go through stages. At first we are ignorant of our status till we realize what we are. Some become awakened seekers. That means they know what they are, play to their strengths and seek after friends in earnest and with a solid strategy in mind. At some point they may become observers. They may not be actively seeking friends but they are observant to signs of good friendship and will welcome it and encourage it when it knocks on their door.

Angelics in general though are noted for their initiative, enthusiasm, interest, warmth and thoughtfulness and are mindful of their friends to an unusual degree. We have a preference for long-term, close friendships.

At times we may display feats in hospitality and friendship that are well and truly above the norm. In fact, we do things for our friends on the odd occasion that leaves our other friends wondering why we went to such great lengths to help that person.

We end up buying things like HDTV’s, table tennis tables, lots of chairs, board games and whatever else it takes to entertain a bunch of our friends. Some of us love to entertain friends in our home.

A Puzzling Reubics Cube of Friendship to Solve

Life hands Angelics a rather puzzling reubics cube and certain realizations are needed to solve it. If you are an Angelic but you don’t know your identity and your true nature then at some point in your life friendships can be frustrating and you can take people’s passiveness way to personally. Once you know your identity it helps explain a lot and puts things in perspective. For example, the chronic lack of initiative out there and the poor reciprocation levels of many friends. If you are at the top of the social hierarchy how can you expect people with a lower social nature to reciprocate just like you would?

As if the cube wasn’t troublesome enough there is the dreaded labyrinth that needs to be traversed on the way to having a good group of friends. A gritty determination, skills upgrade, a sound strategy and necessary changes in our life are among the ways to make it through the labyrinth.

The Unawakened

Some people are Angelics but just don’t know it. For example, some of us started in life on the wrong foot. A low-self esteem, a disability like a speech impediment or poor social skills may have suppressed our identity and kept us oblivious to it. An Angelic may have thought he or she was just like everybody else. It can take many years for the realization to dawn on them. Other things like a lack of personal magnetism, poor social habits, attitudes and a docile mind can also be problematic.

How Might You Know If You’re An Angelic?

Well, obviously, if you strongly desire friendships and it bothers you continually that you haven’t found a group of friends you desire that would be one sign. Possessing the characteristics I mentioned above would be another. Here are some other possible signs. A strong quiet love and enthusiasm for friends and relatives as you were growing up. As you got older you may have noticed that the love and enthusiasm you had for people that were special to you was much higher than the love and enthusiasm they showed you.

People appear to you to be quite passive and their poor reciprocal nature may get you down at times. You may eventually think things like, “People are so disappointing.” “A big heart in the land of little hearts can be nigh unto a curse.” You notice that while you offer people a steak, mashed potato and gravy friendship they reciprocate by offering you a measly lollipop. You may have grown tired of all this and cloistered yourself away somewhere. Yet, your lack of a good social life bothers you to the point it’s a thorn in your side. There is no escape from it. You must face what is bothering you and take control of your social life.

The Term’s Origin

After having befriended a lot of people and chalked up a lot of social experience in the first Project Fellowship I noticed a social hierarchy of sorts and pondered what I could call the people at the top. The word ‘Angelics’ popped into my mind. At first I thought of it as a quaint term and made a mental note to change it when I found a more suitable one. I have since concluded that it is suitable. I have reconciled friends, loaned money and provided accommodation to friends in financial distress. I have counselled friends, cheered them up and offered them help when few or no other friends would have. It is very much in my nature to do this. Somewhat reminiscent of a ministering angel, isn’t it? So Angelic it is.

For those of you who are fervent-hearted  do you have any thoughts on the matter?

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