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Be Courageous and Bold in the Pursuit of Friendships

By Andrew Burgon /
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August 21, 2014


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Be Courageous, Be Bold in the Face of Adversity

If your heart truly desires good friends but your lack of them continually depresses you or makes you want to throw in the white towel the only way to be is courageous and bold. This is especially so if you have a high social nature and needs. I like Chris Lytle’s definition of courage. “Courage is the mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.”

Courage does wonders for your attitude. It can turn, “Nobody values my friendship,” into, “I will find someone who values my friendship.” It can shatter concrete walls of depression and drive away dark, gray skies. It can help you strip away the miserable reality of your  life and replace it with the one you desire.

It’s amazingly ignorant in a good way. When I was inspired to have courage I ditched my emotional baggage, ignored my past and forged ahead with new plans to meet people and make some friends. Courage is really a transformative power.

Inspiration Can Help Us Overcome Difficulty.

The courage I gained just before starting Project Fellowship came via inspiration. It was the relationships in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and especially the battle between the riders of Rohan and the Mumaki (huge elephants) that inspired me. I had never been so resolute in my life. It was a fierce kind of social courage entwined with something akin to physical courage. An inner roar.

If courage does not come easily seek inspiration. Read books by people who have overcome adversity and find social mentors who inspire you. Other sources of inspiration are  movies, music, places and quotes.

Commit Yourself to Finding Good Friends

Make a conscious commitment to draw to yourself the group of friends you desire. Adopt the attitude that you are going to find these people no matter what. Go beyond your comfort zone in organizing events and meeting new people so that you are in a position where you feel a little anxious. Then go about what you have planned boldly. Courage is sure to find you. You may want to clench your fist at times, put it on your chest and say to yourself, “Have courage!”

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