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Treasure Hunter – Series 2

By Andrew Burgon /
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March, 2014


treasure hunter series the pursuit of good friends

Image Credit: Nenko Lazarov / CC-BY-SA-2.5

Series 2 of Treasure Hunter

a new world of friendships


Social Expectations what can be achieved in a year friendship-wise

treasure hunter series Taking our friendship efforts up to a Whole New Level

Sometimes we need to change before we can get what we want.

Do you have a social game plan?

Creating an activities model is the first part of a social game plan.

Creating a friendship model lays down pathways that help draw into your life the kind of friendships you want.

Friendship Vibrant and Fresh Protocol

Well-oiled social priorities helps you reduce the struggle and frustration in the pursuit of good friends.

A friendship treasure Book has a number of good benefits.

Possessing a negative vibe can be detrimental in your search for friends.
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