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Genesis: A New Life in Search of Friends

By Andrew Burgon /
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November 1, 2013


Genesis looking for new friends

Genesis: My Life Starts Anew and the Search for New Friends Begins

My new life began in December 2005. After suffering from loneliness and depression for a while I set out in search of friends.The genesis coming courtesy of high-dosage inspiration which it turn fired me up to a degree I would never have believed possible. A fierce kind of courage welled-up inside me and off I went.

When I started Project Fellowship I created a friendship model and an activities model. For the latter, we’re talking a squash club, a weekly trip to a restaurant, movie nights, get-togethers at my place and other activities.

I thought long and hard about ways I could achieve my goal of drawing to myself the kind of friends I desired. I knew that my depressing friendship reality was very persistent. I knew well the challenge I was facing. This was going to have to be a shock and awe campaign. I had a rude awakening in store for reality.

Using massive action I activated the friendship model and ushered the activities model into my world. From the sky it fell and landed smack dab on my reality. I bolted and welded it on and with a grin on my face turned on my ‘genesis’ machine. Over the next year and a half I extended my hand of friendship to at least 1500 people.

* That 1500 includes a lot of social networking on-line.
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