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By Andrew Burgon /
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October 22, 2013


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As I Search for Friends I Feel a Whole Lot Like Rourke in Fantasy Island.

Ze plane, Ze plane,” shouted Tattoo ringing the bell as yet another group of guests arrived on Fantasy Island. During the first Project Fellowship I sometimes felt like I was Rourke. As I raised my glass and welcomed yet another new group of guests I felt excited. I wondered what they would be like, their life stories and the good times we would share. Most of all I hoped some of them would end up becoming good friends.

Indeed, I have thought of Project Fellowship as some kind of virtual island where there are many things to do and many good times to be had with friends. I have hosted many kinds of events. A squash club, eating out at restaurants, movie nights at theaters or at my place, barbecues and beach volleyball. Then there are the board game parties and comedy parties that I love so much.

Is Finding Close Friends like the Search for the Holy Grail ?

They say life is a reflection of the choices you have made. That certainly applies to our friendships. A choice to fling open the doors of our lives or to cloister ourselves away in hopelessness. A choice to let indifferent, passive and apathetic friends fill the social slots of our life or to let them go and replace them with the kind of friends we desire. The choice to get out there to attend events and make new friends or spend the majority of our time in solitary pursuits. The choices related to friendship are many and I dare say their impact is greater than many people imagine.

Some people would liken the search of good friends to the search for the Holy Grail. They would lead us to believe that we only have a few good friends in a lifetime. The other side of the coin is that many people lack the initiative, know how, social capacity and skills among other things to significantly improve their social life and accumulate more good friends. It is this other side that we will be paying close attention to.

A social world where I feel I don’t fit in, am lonely and blue or a world where I truly feel I belong, have an abundance of friends and am happy. I know which world I want to be in. Project Fellowship was the definitive choice I made to step out of a desert and walk into a rain forest.
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