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Friendship: Social Expectations

By Andrew Burgon /
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November 18, 2013


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A Year Down the Track: What is Possible Socially?

Here I want to give people an idea of what can be achieved a year down the Project Fellowship path with a modest amount of time spent socializing, educating yourself on the subject of friendship and making beneficial changes to your life. Yes, I said educating yourself. The two words ‘friendship’ and ‘educating’ don’t seem to go together do they? It may not be necessary for everyone but there are certainly others who would benefit from it. I have come as far as I have because I have constantly sought distinctions about how I can draw to myself the kind of friends I want.

I am in particular writing this for people who are jaded, have given up looking for friends and may feel that they lack personal magnetism so why bother. I have been in that boat and while my attitude has changed for the better and I am actively pursuing new friendships little seems to have changed in regards to my lack of personal magnetism. I believe that many people who fall into this category can become socially successful regardless.

Despite what I wrote in the Great Challenge good friends can be found, much can be achieved and certainly many good times can be had.

My Social Life

Looking back at my early days of Project Fellowship, I think what I achieved is indicative of what others can achieve as well. I drew to myself many friends including good friends and found it effortless to get a large group of friends together for an event like a party or a game of beach volleyball.

Some people were impressed by what I did. I have been called the consummate host. They told me my parties rocked and some of them expressed an interest to be a part of other parties I held. Others have told me that I am fortunate to have so many friends. Yet another friend thinks I have a special ability to bring people together. Little did they realize the underlying efforts I took to make it so.

I did have a lot of nice people in my circle back then that I shared good times with and had a lot of good laughs. Many of these friends enthusiastically came to my events and spent their premium weekend time with me.

After a while, I stumbled across board gaming which has become one of the sweet spots in my life. It was a great feeling to be part of a group that shared the same strong interest.

Overall, that’s a pretty good place to be. That’s a social level that a lot of people could reach within a year, too, if they put in the time and effort.

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