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The Social Game Plan to Draw Friends into Your Life

By Andrew Burgon /
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November 15, 2013


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“I love it when a plan comes together.”

Col. Hannibel Smith, A Team


The Glass Wall of Illusion That Discourages Us From Making Friends and Fills Us With Despair.

There is a deceptively powerful illusion in the social world called the Glass Wall. It is akin to the labyrinth. It is dark and opaque to those who feel helpless and powerless to do anything about their depressing social situation. Fortunately, with a good social game plan it will disappear revealing the social world you have designed and helped create.

The Social Game Plan to Bring Friends into Your Life.

A game plan is simply a strategy on how to achieve a goal. In this case, a friendship goal. Whenever I hear someone bemoaning their social fate I’m tempted to ask them what their game plan is. I’m sure if I did I would get some puzzled looks. Many people seem to only associate a ‘game plan’ with careers, team sports and work-related endeavors. I have witnessed first hand the difference it can make in a person’s life. When I think back to my original social game plan I always think of Superman throwing the glowing green crystal shard and the creation of the Fortress of Solitude. A well thought out and executed plan can have a huge impact on your social life.

Part of your game plan could include becoming a more stimulating conversationalist, reinventing yourself or learning how to cook better so you can host gourmet dinner parties.

What you need to decide is whether you need to adopt one or not. To some the kind of friendships they seek will come fairly easily to them. To others it is quite the endeavor. If you are in the latter category you may need a serious game plan that will rock your world.

Your social game plan is made up of an activities model and a friendship model.

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