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Friendship: Event Ripples Exercise

By Andrew Burgon /
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December 1, 2013


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Become More Familiar With the Social Events and Groups in Your Area to Maximize Your Chances of Finding Good Friends

The Event Ripples Exercise is a simple idea that helps push the boundaries of your knowledge concerning local social clubs and events as well as optimizing friendship possibilities.  Get a large piece of paper and draw a small circle in the middle. Now fill that space with all of the local events and groups you know of and are at least a little interested in. You have to be able to write down their proper names. For instance, don’t just write hiking group. Write the name of the group that goes hiking eg. Canadian Rockies Photo-Hikers.

Now, spend some time finding out about other groups and events. Write several of them on the outside of the small circle then draw a circle around them. To find out about new groups and events check out what information is available on-line about the area you live in. Go to places like and facebook and do a search there. Think about the people you know and whether they have mentioned any interesting events in the past. Follow them up and ask them for more information or simply ask your friends if they know of any good events or clubs.

Every time you add several things draw a circle around them. So, you now have a small circle inside a mid-sized circle that is inside a big circle. There are a number of benefits to this exercise. If you have been meaning to find out more about local events but have been in a rut it can help give you a prod to do so. Leave it on your desk as a visual reminder to complete it. You might uncover a gem of an event. It may motivate you to go out more and you may as a result be joining richer social experiences. Your new found knowledge may also benefit your friends.

You can take this exercise up a notch. At the bottom of the page write an exhaustive list of things you are interested in. You can  put a restriction on the events you write down. For example, there must be at least a dozen people attending the event and there has to be some people around your age at the event. Another option is to create a special section in your web browser bookmarks that link you to the on-line webpages and websites these event organisers have created. That way you can quickly find out what they are doing on the weekend.

Friendships are an important aspect in life and definitely a very enriching source. If you’re not happy with your current friendships and the way they make you feel check out optiions B, C, D, E and F!
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