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How to Make Friends According to the Youtube Community

By Andrew Burgon /
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June 11, 2014


The Youtube Community Weighs in on How to Make Friends

Here are some people from the Youtube community weighing in with their thoughts on how to make friends. In this day and age there is no excuse not to grasp the subject of how to make friends and to draw quality friendships into your life. There are so many people talking about the subject. Ideally, find someone who you believe speaks with authority often on the subject of friendship and follow him or her. Someone who you are in tune with. I will eventually get around to making recommendations later in the year.

One of the things I regret is that many years ago I didn’t have the tenacity to bunker down and master the subject. I let the state of friendships in my life continually bother me for years. Don’t let that be you.

My thanks to all those who spent time making the videos below.

Youtube West Hollywood Psychotherapy Channel

Gold Moroon Middle Line

Youtube Matthew Hussey Channel

Gold Moroon Middle Line

Youtube Shameless Maya Channel

Youtube Paul Sanders Channel

Gold Moroon Middle Line

Youtube Howcast Channel

Gold Moroon Middle Line

Youtube Shameless Magazine Channel

Gold Moroon Middle Line
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