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Vital First Impressions

By Andrew Burgon /
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June 11, 2014


First Impressions Play a Part in How People Perceive Us

First impressions count. Trust is built on it. It can make or break a deal in business, society and even love. Do you know how to make your first impressions sing?

You are giving off a flurry of signals when you first meet people. It can be broken down into appearance, body language, demeanor and mannerisms. Other things can count, too, like whether you are on time and the people you are with.

For the subject of first impressions I’m going to get Roderick Felder and David Domes to weigh in. My thanks to them both for taking the time to make the videos and share them on Youtube.

Youtube Roderick Felder Channel

Gold Moroon Middle Line

Youtube findsocialfreedom Channel

Consider for a Moment How You Score on First Impressions and Whether Their is Room for Improvement

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