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Moebious’ Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper Model Kits

Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper Model Kits

Moebious’ Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper Model Kits Serves Up a Nice Piece of Sci-fidom

The Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper model kits by Moebious come in two varieties. The Colonial Viper Mark II and the Mark VII. Both models get rave reviews on-line and for good reason. Before I introduce them though let’s cast our minds back to the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series that started in 2003.

In Battlestar Galactica, the Colonial Viper series of starfighters are the primary space superiority fighters. A single-seat sub-light spacecraft that has two or three kinetic energy weapons. In addition to these they have hardpoints beneath the wings for mounting missiles, munitions pods and other ordinance. Both are capable of atmospheric flight and can land and take off from a planetary surface.

* Clicking on the pictures of the ships below will take you to the product on Amazon (United States) where I’m an affiliate.

Colonial Viper Mark II

The venerable Mark II fighters were instrumental in fending off the Cyclons in the first Cyclon War.

When Battlestar Galactica was turned into a museum ship there were two squadrons of Mark II’s in the starboard flight pod.

* The Mark II has 2 forward-firing Thraxon MEC-A6 30mm mass accelerator cannons mounted in the wings, each with an 800-round ammunition capacity and a 20-round-per-second fire rate.
* 8x HD-70 Lightning Javelin missiles in dorsal storage bay.
* The ship can carry up to two conventional or nuclear missiles including 50 Megaton nuclear warhead.
* For defense the ship uses chaffs and flares.
Length: 27.6 feet (8.4m)
Height: 8.9 feet (2.7m)
Wingspan: 15.5 feet (4.7m)

Colonial Viper Mark VII

The Viper Mark VII is the latest space superiority fighter used in the Colonial fleet. It’s fully integrated avionics providing superior battle management and flight information for the pilot.

However, due to the virus riddled CNP upgrade most of the Mark VIIs were annihilated during the Cyclon attack. This lead to most of the remaining Mark VII fighters on both Galactica and Pegasus to be retrofitted with older avionics software. These space crafts have taken a performance hit because of it and are only flown by the most experienced pilots.

* The Mark VII has 3 forward-firing kinetic energy weapons (KEW). Two mounted on the wingtips and one on the vertical stabilizer.
* 2 missile launcher hardpoints (one under each wing)
* It can carry conventional or nuclear missiles.
* 3 x turbo-thrust engines mounted aft
* Length 32.3 feet (9.8 meters)
Height: 9.7 feet (3 meters)
Wingspan: 18.4 feet (5.6 meters)

Interesting Features of the Colonial Viper

* Besides the three engines a Viper has they also have a turbo boost similar to an afterburner.

* Vipers can use reverse thrust to rapidly decelerate.

* Viper engines collect gases in planetary atmospheres and in space to power the ship’s fusion reactor.

* Vipers can support the pilot for up to two weeks in a form of suspended animation for extremely long missions.

* In the event of a crash landing, a Viper’s cockpit becomes an escape pod that separates from the ship and parachutes to the ground.

Moebious’ Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper Model Kits

Both of the Colonial Viper kits from Moebious receive a lot of praise on-line.  A really helpful color instruction booklet which includes step by step instructions. Top notch quality detailed and durable pieces that fit together flawlessly. Awesome decals. Over 50 pieces, clear display stand and resin pilot figure.


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