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By Andrew Burgon /
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June 2, 2014


Treat your friend to a movie.

The Wondrous World of Movies

Movies have to rate as one of those very special things life has in store for us. They’re a rich source of entertainment taking us on a journey through a vast array of genres. From Saving Private Ryan to Guardians of the Galaxy. From the Three Amigos to Freddie Kruger. Movies like Rocky or Chariots of Fire can also inspire us and have no doubt launched countless careers in the movie industry. Watching movies together with friends is, of course, a popular pass time around the world.

From time-to-time I’ll be writing about upcoming movies in the hope of furnishing you with some interesting facts that you can share with your friends perhaps at the dinner you have before seeing the movie. I also write reviews on the movies I see.

Initially, I was including movie trailers in the upcoming and current movies categories but have currently put them on hold. For the time being you can check out upcoming and current movie trailers on the site rottentomatoes.

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