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Movie News

By Andrew Burgon /
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March 4, 2015


Treat your friend to a movie.

Movie News

In the ‘Movie News‘ section I’ll be writing about some of the upcoming movies I’m looking forward to seeing or events related to them. In particular I’m aiming to write them in such a way as to furnish my readers with lots of juicy tidbits they can share with their friends.

Movie making is a fascinating business. It’s always interesting to see how they’re made despite the fact that the process itself lacks the glamour of the final product on the silver screen.

There are the sirens. The A-list actors and actresses that help keep us riveted to our seats and coming back for more. People like Daniel Craig, Chris Pratt and Michael Fassbender.

Then there are the exotic locales movies are filmed in. It’s one of the things that make the James Bond movies so interesting.

What would a film be, however, if it weren’t for the director, cinematographer, make-up artists and the legion behind them all contributing something to a movie that ends up making it something truly special ?

Gold Moroon Middle Line

Star Wars Episode 7 U.S. premiere

Jupiter Ascending Poster 620

Harrison Ford Chewbacca Jimmel Kimmel Live

Star Wars Episode 7 Cast Stellar

Terminator Genisys movie

Avengers Age of Ultron Movie Premieres

Avengers Age of Ultron Movie Cast Jimmel Kimmel

James Corden and Arnold Schwarzenegger

survivor movie 2015 link


Gold Moroon Middle Line

Phoenix Home



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