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By Andrew Burgon /
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June 4, 2014


Treat your friend to a movie.Project Fellowship’s Movie Reviews

Going to see movies is one of the activities I enjoy most in life. Not only are they entertaining but I enjoy the escapism that they provide. I love it when they suck me into their world and I come out of the theater later feeling as though I had really been transported somewhere. I also love the interesting characters, the actors and actresses that portray them and the exotic locales that are visited whether it’s real places like in Casino Royale or fictional places like in Guardians of the Galaxy. Whether it’s with friends or going to a late night viewing by myself  it’s a treat I always look forward to.

In the “Movie Reviews” section of my site I’ll be covering the movies I see during the year. Upcoming movies I’m looking forward to seeing and writing about include Exodus: Gods and Kings, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five and Taken 3.

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