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High Morale in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

By Andrew Burgon /
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April, 2014



High Morale in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Morale plays an important part in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer. In the single player campaign I never was really that mindful or concerned of non-player characters on my squad getting knocked down. When I started playing with other players though the way I played changed. In real life I am a people person, fervent in heart when it comes to friends and mindful of the well-being of others to an unusual degree. In a very visceral way I felt this part of me effortlessly cross over to this virtual world. I’m going to share with you a number of strategies to not only improve squad morale but make sure you make it to extraction.


Morale is high whenever we make it to extraction. One way to help ensure this is to stay together or attach yourself to someone especially on Platinum level. Players who often use up their medi-gel like a junkie before the end of a game take note. The closer you are to another player the greater the likelihood that they will come and revive you if you fall.

Medi-gel is the spice of Mass Effect. If you have been knocked down it can instantly be used to revive you. Saving a lot of medigel by reviving each other means a greater liklihood of finishing the mission. Think twice before immediately using your own medi-gel to revive yourself. I’ve been in far too many games where players used up their store and are unable to revive themselves when it matters most to the group.

If you are out of medi-gel and shields it’s commonsense to stick close to the group in the hope of being revived. Even better after you have used it up press ‘start’ and see who the strongest player is. Fight by his side and he will be there to revive you.

If one guy is particularly having a hard time I might pair up with him so I can lend my firepower to his and revive him when he falls. If he helps me get enough revives for a medal that’s fine with me! Some players will exit the game if they are having trouble staying on their feet and there is no guarantee that someone will replace them.


On one mission at Firebase Dagger a player was knocked down by a Geth Juggernaut. It was towards the very end of a wave and I was busy hammering away at it. I decided not to revive the player because we were so close to the end of the wave and he would of been automatically revived then. Also, I was reluctant to use my missile launcher. I noticed though that the player decided to leave moments later after he died. I wondered whether he did that because his morale was effected because I left him there to die. I know that I truly appreciate it when other players go to the effort of saving me or protect me especially when I’m picked up by a banshee! It certainly adds points to my morale. So I now make a special effort to always revive a player before he dies.

WAVE 1 – 3

If squad members get knocked down a lot in the first few waves morale will suffer and someone may abandon the group thinking that they will never make it to extraction. Of special concern is three players going down around the same time again and again. I become more cautious at such times and distance myself from the enemy a bit but close enough to the other squad players in case I need to revive them. If I do fall at the same time as two others I revive myself right away and get them back on their feet asap. In general, the poorer the skill level of players the closer they should stick together and the more cautious they should be.

If I notice during this time that I’m with a weaker group of squad members I will save my supply of missile launchers till close to the end of the game. Like to have those big sticks around just in case we run into trouble uploading or escorting the drone.

WAVE 9 & 10

Many squads fail a mission in wave 9 or 10. If the team starts to have serious difficulty I become extra cautious. If you are using a microphone encourage everyone to stay together if they’re not. In difficult missions, say Platinum Collectors, I shadow the best player and keep a respectful distance from the enemy. I’m often next to or firing from cover.


An elite squad team working well together is one of the great things about the game. It can have a bolstering effect to the morale of all those playing. Strategizing how we are going to win, alerting each other to the enemies whereabouts or simply discussing powers, weapons and equipment.

Defending the player taking an object to the drop off zone. Choosing a part of the map to bunker down. Reviving each other when we fall down. Here we experience emotions. Elation when we get extracted, frustration when we are repeatedly taken down and excitement when we are pleased with our performance in the face of great odds. When it all comes together it’s a great experience.

Here are some great examples of how squad members help each other. The Asari adept putting up a blue spherical shield that protects the player activating a device. The N7 Demolisher putting his pylon next to a Geth Juggernaut who is fighting two banshees and a brute. The pylon boosts the Geth Juggernaut’s shields. The sentinel Volus who follows his squad members like a puppy deliberately boosting their shields. The Turian engineer, who seeing a pair of squad members in trouble to his far right, throws his shield boosting turret into their midst. The adept Volus who traps a deadly phantom about to attack a squad mate in a statis field. Then there are combinations like the N7 Demolisher putting down his pylon and the Asari adept putting her blue spherical shield over it.


Be mindful of the other player who is carrying a device back to the drop off point. If I see no one is accompanying him on a tough mission I will go and join him especially if there are enemies in the immediate vicinity.

If the player who is carrying the device is knocked down revive him and allow him to continue to take the device. It’s a bit of a bummer when someone takes advantage of your demise by taking possession of it then reviving you! Sometimes, you may accidentally pick up the device when you had planned to revive the player. If you do this revive the player and then run. The device will drop to the ground and the player can resume what he was doing. (You can only carry the device if you are walking.)

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