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High Morale in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Part 2

By Andrew Burgon /
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April, 2014



Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer – LAST PERSON STANDING

One of the reasons you should equip yourself well in a gold or platinum game is that if your team is wiped out and you are the last person standing you may have a lot of enemies to kill by yourself. Even if you are well equipped it could take ten to fifteen minutes. Some players will grow impatient and abandon the squad. By going in armed to the teeth you will be able to reduce the time to a minimum.

When I’m the last man standing I’m mindful that I need to give people confidence that I can finish the wave. I usually distance myself from the enemy but attack them aggressively. I’ll also try to lure the bigger, more powerful enemies into one spot where I can finish them off with a missile. If you hesitate too much someone may leave the game figuring you’ll never make it. They might think they are doing you a favor because if they leave someone may take their place. However, this doesn’t always happen.

Whatever you do, if you are the last person standing keep your distance from Banshees. I have witnessed many times the last remaining player becoming careless and uncomfortably close to a banshee. Moments later he gets picked up and is instantly killed.


From time to time you may find yourself kicked out of the lobby shortly after you appear. Here are some things to be mindful of.


You should aim to inspire confidence the moment you appear in a lobby. I often equip myself completely before entering one. This will certainly reduce drastically the amount of times you are kicked out of gold and platinum lobbies. I am amazed at how many people poorly equip themselves.

Another very good reason why you should equip yourself before entering the lobby is that when you search for a game to join it may skip the lobby and take you directly to the game. That could potentially put you at a terrible disadvantage.


If you have a low N7 rating it’s likely your equipment and guns aren’t so good. Some players may think you shouldn’t be in the lobby or that you will end up being a liability and vote to have you kicked out. They may also think that you haven’t equipped yourself properly because you’re going to exploit the missile glitch which many players dislike.


Alas, because players are not physically present can become more aggressive, insulting and rude than they would be face-to-face. During the game, you may not know which player is being rude. Sometimes you can work it out. For example, at Firebase Reactor a player activates the reactor. Another player unaware of this becomes trapped inside it and dies. If someone starts swearing you can pretty much guess which player it is. I have come to a point where I don’t tolerate rude players. I will try to find out who it is then exit the game. Then I will choose the avoid this player option. Leaving the game could act as a form of punishment as there is no guarantee another player will replace you so they will be down to three players.

Some people understandably have an aversion for playing MMO’s or multiplayer games because they have had bad experiences with other players. Another way to deal with this is just mute everyone in the lobby. This also solves the bad microphone feedback you sometimes hear.


You’ve just finished a platinum game. Your squad rocked. You are all heros. You return to the lobby elated and bathed in glory. You start preparing for the next mission. Five minutes into this you hear one of the players say, “Get rid of (insert your username) .” The dreaded red X appears next to your name and you are unceremoniously thrown out like trash into the garbage truck. If you want someone to leave how about asking? “Hey, , I’d like some friends to join me. Would you mind giving up your slot?” Alternatively, just vote to kick the player out. Whenever I see the red X next to my name I immediately go and look for another game.

If you are not going to use your microphone turn it off! Few things are more annoying than a microphone that causing bad feedback wrecking the entire audio experience for everyone.
Other problems are people forgetting the microphone is on and coughing up a lung or they get angry at their 6 year old for interrupting their game. Also, nobody wants to hear your phone call!

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