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High Morale in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Part 3

By Andrew Burgon /
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April, 2014




A leacher is a player who may have gone to the bathroom or gone out for a quick smoke and his or her character gets dragged into a mission. The character just stands still not contributing any firepower. Sometimes the other squad members don’t know he’s a leacher so they try to revive the character putting themselves in harms way for nothing. A moment later the character falls again.

When three people in the lobby click on ‘ready’ the timer starts to count down even if the fourth player isn’t ready. If the fourth player hasn’t equipped and it’s only a few seconds till you go on a mission click on ‘ready’ again to stop the timer. If you see that he’s still not equipping himself after a reasonable amount of time click on ‘ready’ again to restart the timer or vote to have the player kicked out. Players should be alert, responsive and getting ready for the mission when in the lobby.


Some people send some really dumb messages while your gaming. For example, you are the last one standing and someone sends the text, “die already.” If someone ever sends me that message again I’m just going to hide and not fire a single shot till they leave! Besides, do I really want to check my message window during an intense game? Hell no!


Sometimes the leader will leave the game part way through. This can be annoying but keep in mind it sometimes happens because of a connection problem. In Taiwan, I can’t be the leader because in either wave two or three I lose the connection. Anyway, before the wave is restarted every player gets the choice to exit the game. Sometimes when the wave restarts you are by yourself or with one other player. That’s not good on platinum! If you don’t need to go stay with the group.

Sometimes, a host leaves to benefit his fellow squad members. For example, only one player is left and it’s looking as though there’s no way he can finish the wave. If the host leaves before the player dies the server will choose one of the other players to be the leader and all players will start afresh with a full compliment of missiles, shields and medi-gel. Sweet! Talk about a morale boost! Also, another new player may join the team.

The worst situation is the leader leaving and two other players opting out at the same time. When the wave restarts you find yourself alone. Stick around after the leader leaves if you can for the sake of the other players.


I often check out the other players in the lobby before we go on a mission. Their N7 rating, what level character they are, weapons and equipment. I’d much rather go with what looks like an elite squad than a bunch of people poorly equipped and seemingly unsuitable for a gold or platinum mission. Get it right from the get-go.


I have encountered many people exploiting the missile glitch in the past. This is where you make every shot fired equal to the power of a missile launcher. If you are in the habit of doing this please note that some players like myself hate it. The result is a crazy massive slaughter.

If a player plays through the first few waves then gets fed up with the unsporting glitch player and leaves he will lose his valuable equipment.

You’ll know if there is a glitch player among you if he fires off three or so missile launcher rounds at the very beginning of the mission before the first enemy wave. I always exit such games now. There is very little point firing in the same direction as the player who is exploiting the glitch. If you get sick and tired of this note the name of the player then choose the avoid this player option and mark him as unsporting.

If you are going to do the missile glitch and have a microphone let the other players know in the lobby before going on the mission. You can also send them a text saying “missile glitch.” If you go on a mission with only two other squad members with the intent of exploiting the glitch don’t make the fourth slot public. Part-way through your game a fourth player will appear and he may not be pleased with the scenario he finds himself in.


The dead zone disaster is one of the most depressing things in multiplayer. It’s where everyone dies together in the same dangerous spot where the enemy has congregated.
This is partly because players are too close together or they come to the aid of one another and die in the attempt.

When I go to revive someone I’m very aware of how much time has gone by since they fell. If two enemies are present I will deal with them first before reviving someone if I believe there is time.

Another reason that all players died in the same spot is that nobody used their missile launcher appropriately. If I see three people close together in the thick of battle I keep a respectful distance while firing and usually close to cover. I’m ready to pull out my missile launcher and revive my squadmates in a heartbeat if necessary.


The last thing is give your fellow squad members some praise like “Well done everyone!” and “Good show!” I sometimes text players after a game with messages like “Thanks for carrying us in wave five” and “Thanks for all the revives” if I was revived an unusual amount of times by the same player.

If you have any ideas on how to boost morale in a Mass Effect 3 multi-player game please share it with us.
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