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The Xbox One Takes the Multiplayer Console Experience to New Heights

By Andrew Burgon /
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March 7, 2014


The Xbox One Packs a Number of Features Sure to Be Interest to Gamers

Microsoft’s Xbox One is one of the titans of the gaming world promising to push the console boundaries of realism and the multiplayer experience to new heights. It has a 1.6GHz 8 core Jaguar CPU, 8GB of memory, GDDR3 bandwidth and eSCRAM beating in it’s chassis to deliver on that promise.

The new controller’s rumble feature has been refined allowing you the distinct visceral feel of the shot of a handgun, the spray of an automatic weapon or the launching of a grenade from a rifle. The bulge of the battery pack we had to get use to on the previous generation of controller has been done away with making it more comfortable to play with for longer periods of time.

The friends cap on the Xbox One has been boosted to 1000. You can share your game statistics and achievements with others as well as follow other players’ profiles which are full of their game activity.

Skype’s audio codec has been included as well as a much higher bitrate for voice chat.

The time you spend twiddling your thumbs and growing impatient with other players dawdling in the lobby is going to be a lot less thanks to the new console’s snap mode which allows players to watch TV, browse the web or check out some new games while they are waiting.

Multiplayer games are accessed by dedicated servers helping to ensure your gaming experience is fast, smooth, stable and lag free. Not only that but it neutralizes the hosts advantage and helps to minimize cheating.

Tired of being thrown into a campaign with lesser mortals? Smart Match will match you up with people of similar skill level, language and reputation. It will also help keep cheats and jerks out of your multiplayer experience. Thank goodness!

Xbox’s smartglass allows you to control part of the game from a tablet computer in games that support the feature. For example, in Ubisofts The Division you can control an aerial drone via an iPad.

Your unlocked achievements and your most recent game play are automatically recorded for you. Edit them in Upload Studio and share (okay, brag!) the highlights with your friends. Sweet! In fact, you can just say, “Xbox, Broadcast” to show others what you are playing and chat with the players you follow.

Xbox Live gold subscribers can live stream their own game play on Twitch with the option of adding voice or video to the stream with Kinect. You will also be able to watch the live streams of your friends.

Then, of course, there is the fun kids can have together playing games that utilize Kinect.

Thanks to a new update that came out on March 4, 2014, several enhancements have been made to the console’s multiplayer suite, audio output and live streaming capabilities. They include improved party features that leaves chat on by default , improved friend sorting which allows you to keep favorites at the top and an easier way to invite friends to parties and games. A lost feature will also be returning that allows you to report played-with griefers.

The update also includes support for Dolby Digital through optical and HDMI connections and the ability to output to televisions at 50Hz.

A rumor has also surfaced that Microsoft will release 8% of the reserved Kinect GPU power to improve frame rates.
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