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Remember Me Captivates With it’s Character Driven Story

By Andrew Burgon /
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May 21, 2014


Remember Me Review: Play an Elite Memory Hunter Intent on Stealing Back Your Stolen Memory

In the visionary third person action adventure game Remember Me, you play as the elite memory hunter Nilin who has the ability to access people’s minds and steal or even alter their memories. After having her memory erased, she escapes from prison with the help of her friend Edge and sets off to recover her stolen identity and put an end to memory technology and the abusive corporation that controls it.

The Adventure

This is a journey that is unlikely to be like any you have been on before. It’s an immersive futuristic story set in the vibrant and distinctive Neo-Paris of 2084. It’s an age where personal memories are digitized, bought, sold and traded. Unfortunately, there is a dark side to the technology. Some people are addicted to the memories of others and it has taken a toll on their appearance causing them to become ghastly figures. Prisons temporarily take away the memories of those incarcerated to make them docile and easier to handle while others are enslaved by mind controlling devices.

The first few minutes are riveting and chilling as you are thrust immediately into the heart of the adventure. Though Nilin’s mind has been erased she is constantly being guided by the voice of Edge. She finds out she is an important part of a separatist movement called the Errorists who are hell-bent on freeing the populace from the tyranny of Sensen technology and the corporation that controls it. Though she has nagging doubts concerning Edge she goes along for the ride anyway.

In this journey across a fascinating city you’ll be doing things like using remembranes to find a way into a place, avoid invisible mines and hack into restricted areas. Remembranes are virtual projections of digitized memories, displayed in real time through augmented reality. You’ll also be wielding a cool sci-fi weapon that sits glove like on your arm that doesn’t even remotely look like a conventional weapon. Along the way you’ll be picking up many things. Focus Boosts and SAT Patches help you increase your Focus and Health meters. The Mnesist Memories provide you with a lot of information about the world of Neo-Paris including it’s inhabitants and technology.

Then there are the memory remixes which is where you get a real feel for what the game is about. Want to change a characters’ attitude and behavior? There are a few occasions in the game where you can access a character’s memory and alter it. You watch as the memory plays through the first time. Then you can slowly rewind it looking for highlighted areas that can be changed and choosing the ones you think will achieve the required result. It might include taking the restraining band off a patients wrist or removing the safety latch off a gun. The memory then plays through again taking into account the changes. It really does feel as though you’re dabbling with and reshaping the memories of others.

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