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Remember Me Captivates With it’s Character Driven Story and Unique Gameplay Part 2

By Andrew Burgon /
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May 21, 2014




As you progress through the game, you unlock Nilin’s ‘forgotten’ fighting moves, call Pressens of which there are a total of 24. Some of these are given to gamers as they progress through the game. Others are earned by earning Procedural Mastering Power (PMP) during combat. The longer the combos used to dispatch enemies, the more PMP given to you. You can take these pressens and craft your own combos in the Combo Lab.

* Power pressens deal extra damage. These can help break the defensive guard of certain enemies.

* Regen pressens allow Nilin to regenerate some health. They are really helpful when dealing with Elite Enforcers outfitted with electric armor as hitting them will will deplete your health a little every time you do so.

* Cooldown pressens reduce the amount of time you have to wait to use the extremely powerful attacks.

* Chain pressens duplicate a previously used pressen in a combo chain and doubles it’s power.


These are powerful attacks that are gradually unlocked in the game and add interesting visual flourishes in combat.

Sensen DOS
Shuts down all sensens, stuns all enemies and reveals invisible ones. Some enemies though are immune to it.

Sensen Fury
Grants Nilin incredible strength for a short period of time. During this time once an enemy is killed she will automatically go to the next enemy. Provided she’s not grabbed or hit by an enemy each hit becomes stronger than the last.

Sensen RIP (Rust in Pieces)
Used against two kinds of robots, the Nephilim and the Seraphim. These robots will turn on their allies and shoot or pull the enemy into it’s shield and then explode.

Logic Bomb
An explosive sensen virus that will destroy enforcer shields and deal heavy damage to all targets in range.

Senso Camo
Nilin turns invisible and allows her to instantly overload an enemy from behind.

Nilin looks great in a fight. As an enemy rushes her she does a kind of cartwheel in slow motion to get out of it’s way. She tumbles, punches and kicks with solid contact sounds. In a lightning flash she attaches a logic bomb to an enemy then quickly leaps out of the radius of the blast. My personal favorite is when she overloads the minds of mourners. The close up scene of her holding her jammer to the enemies head and the surge of power depicted flowing through the jammer looks really cool! One of the most dramatic scenes you’ll see in combat is when Nilin uses Sensen RIP against a Nephilim robot that has it’s shield up. The shield drags in all the enemies around it and then explodes.


One of the refreshing things about this game is that Nilin doesn’t wield an assault rifle or pistol. Instead, she wears a long . thin device on her arm called a Spammer which is a hacking weapon used by memory hunters. This device can be upgraded giving you even more abilities.

Besides being used to hack the memories of others it also can be used as a weapon. It shoots data bursts that stun and damage enemies. The JunkBolt Jammer upgrade is even more powerful destroying structural weaknesses in equipment and buildings. Later in the game the pick-socket becomes available allowing you to use the Spammer to break into high-security areas.

I remember thinking early on in the game that it seemed like a glorified version of Streetfighter and I wondered if this was just going to be a shallow button-mashing affair. Judging by the amount of times I was overwhelmed by the enemies I think not. Your pressen combos, S-Pressen powers and your Spammer as well as strategies to overcome your enemies and dodging the powers of your enemies will make combat lively, thoughtful and engaging enough.
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