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Remember Me Captivates With it’s Character Driven Story and Unique Gameplay Part 3

By Andrew Burgon /
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May 21, 2014



Music is yet another area of the game that shines. Olivier Deriviere, a classically trained multimedia composer, crafted the superb electronically manipulated live symphonic scores for the game.

The Character

With this one entry I think Nilin has earned her place in the pantheon of video game lead characters. She’s wonderfully voiced, attractive, svelte, impressive looking in a fight and has a robust depth to her that is uncommon. This is partly due to the voice-overs of Nilin that we hear. A voice mingled with guilt, doubt, hollow conviction and confusion.


The futuristic Neo-Paris setting is a fascinating place that reminds me of a French-style Blade Runner. Despite the fact that you do enter so many places during the game the city does feel like a beautifully painted facade. Many of the shops you can only peer into and many of the vendors are just there for show. Most of the places you see in the cityscapes you come across are unreachable. It strangely feels like a city that is mostly off limits. Having said that one of the reasons I intend on playing the game again is just so I can enjoy the graphics again.

The game play is very linear. At times I felt like I was in a gondola at Las Vegas admiring the view but not doing that much. Sometimes you feel like you’re just moving Nilin along to the next cut scene or point in the story. You’ll get this feeling early on. A security door raises two feet off the ground. Simply move Nilin to it and she automatically goes under herself. Move her to a vent and she automatically dives into it. When she’s climbling and jumping from one structure to another you are guided by orange markers for a 100% completely safe experience taking away all the suspense and thrill. The game does, of course, have its challenges. There is plenty of combat, simple puzzles and riddles two of which are very difficult.

Some reviewers were a little ho-hum concerning combat citing unremarkable combat, bland platforming sections and a heroine whose fighting style wasn’t interesting to watch. As you’ve probably guessed for the most part I don’t share their sentiments.


A refreshingly different kind of game that was interesting, intriguing and oozing with atmosphere. There was also an emotional undercurrent running through this story that I enjoyed that is comprised largely of Nilin voice-overs, family issues and the guiding voice of Edge. The game is entertaining, slick and polished and accompanied by awesome music. I was pleasantly surprised by the last quarter of the game and the climatic ending. Should there be a sequel I’m ready for another big helping of this.
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