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Battlestar Galactica Online Review Part 2

By Andrew Burgon /
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April 28, 2014



Ship Upgrades & Customization

As would be expected in a game like this there are a progression of ships you can obtain from light to medium then onto heavy class. The cyclons and the humans have ships that look distinctly different from each other. The choices are many including utilizing different kinds of ammo, weapons and engines on your ship.

My ship, the ARKANSAS, is a Viper MkII with upgraded precision MEC-A6P ‘Fang P’ light autocannons that increase the critical hit count. The missile launcher is an HD-82P ‘Longbow-P’ that is good for long range precision strikes with a greater chance of a critical hit. There is a standard mineral analyzer on board with a maximize range of 2000 m. I also have a strike decoy launcher for anti-missile measures and strike armor plating affording me that extra protection in combat. It also has the ability for short FTL flight. I could no doubt spend weeks just upgrading it to be the ultra advanced Viper that I’d like it to be.


Combat has been fun, compelling and dynamic as well as visually satisfying. You will spend most of your time in the cockpit. The game, however, does get a little repetitive and monotonous. Still, I can’t deny that the games big combat moments don’t continue to raise my pulse and make me very trigger happy! Take, for example, the huge cyclon drone command ship that I attacked that was surrounded by a sea of drones eerily reminding me of a mother spider encircled by her newly hatched babies. Shiver worthy and one of the many spectacles awaiting you in Battlestar Galactica online.

I can often be seen diving remora style with large ships like the Raider Bane pictured above..

I can often be seen diving remora style with large ships like the Raider Bane pictured above..

One of the recent highlights was taking down an armada of cylon ships juggernaughting their way into our territory.
I chose to go the remora route alternatively flying closely to two large colonial war ships called the Liche Bane and the Sulfur Slayer who were often in close proximity to one other. This is one of my favorite ways of entering the thick of combat. Their close presence is a deterrent to raiders not to attack me. Our combined fire power means that smaller fighter craft don’t survive long enough to do any significant damage. Then there’s using these ships for cover. Having tons of ‘metal’ between the enemy and myself gives me some peace of mind. I had a blast.

When it came time for my first FTL flight the technicians must have had a gleeful smile longer than the Cheshire cat. Thanks to added content they had specifically crafted for the tests I had the added experience of climbing up the ladder, entering the cockpit of a Viper MKII cockpit and sitting down. As all visuals were being directly signaled to my brain I assumed I was sitting in the mock cockpit I had been introduced to during my first week of neural gaming orientation.

The countdown began and a moment before it hit zero the control panel appeared to move away from me. A bright light filled the cockpit followed by planets and stars that I was only aware of for the briefest moment. The biggest surprise of all was the sensation of moving at a fast clip. Not at geforce levels like traveling in a rocket but enough to make me feel nausious. When I came out of FTL flight I felt an incredible drag slowing down the ship to a pre-TFL speed.

I found out later that they had laid around 200 meters of silky smooth track, propelled me along it at roller coaster speed and did a number of tests including collecting data on the sensation of movement that my brain was receiving. Their goal is to somehow input the sensation of flight in a moving spacecraft to a neural gamer who is not physically moving.

Resource Collecting

My conversation with the Chief on board the Battlestar Galactica was about tylium, titanium and water and where these important resources could be found. These included picking up loot from the enemy ships I defeated, scouring and scanning debri fields, asteroid belts and planetoids. A lot of mind-numbing grinding goes on when looking for resources in asteroid belts. For planetoids you will have to call in a mining ship.

Resource collecting gets old real fast. Have the wrong ammo and you'll be blasting at a rock till the cows come home!

Resource collecting gets old real fast. Have the wrong ammo and you’ll be blasting at a rock till the cows come home!

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