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August 30, 2014

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Humanity: The Coffee Lounge of Project Fellowship.

The Humanity section of my site actually feels like it has taken on a life all it’s own and I sometimes look at it with a sense of wonder. It’s like a sixth finger that has grown out of Project Fellowship on it’s own accord. It’s appearance is no mystery to me though.

Over the last year I have noticed when surfing around the web that certain subjects had a special attraction and I began to write my own articles about them. I then realized when I zoomed back and took a bird’s eye view of my interests that ”friendship’ was just a facet of a number of humanity subjects that I was interested in.

So what is humanity?

To find the answer we don’t have to look very far. When considering what humanity is I think we all think of people first, the human race. Then we may instinctively look at our own lives and the qualities we possess.

We see that it is multi-faceted like a diamond. Love, kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity towards family and friends as well as the social intelligence that makes it possible. Courage in the face of adversity. Understanding when it comes to the actions of other human beings. Sympathy or empathy for people in negative situations. Truthfulness when speaking with others. Tolerance to others who have glaring faults.

Then we can look around us and notice the qualities in others. Compassion, consideration and benevolence toward the have nots. The gentleness, tenderness, pity and mercy of those who look after the terminally ill. The modern day crusaders seeking justice for those who have been wronged. The amazing creativity of artists who make things of beauty. The genius and ingenuity behind architectural marvels and technology. Mentors who inspire us.

Many will add that we have a divine nature. That we are made in God’s image. That we have a body and a non-material aspect, the spirit. Millions of people around the globe feel the need to worship and connect in some way with a higher being/s.

I dare say we could go further and look at the spectrum of humanity’s expression. For example, the diverse range of cultures and customs on this planet.

“Man’s Inhumanity to man”

Then, of course, there is inhumanity. These facets are nestled in among the others as they are part of the human condition. Harshness and callousness sometimes dealt out to employees. The ugly face of brutality and cruelty in the shocking genocides we hear of. The evil and ruthlessness of serial killers. Acts of revenge taken out on those who have wronged us. Racial hate towards people of another ethnic origin. Greed that lays waste to forests around the world.

Despite the self-induced problems of humanity and the cynicism it can cause we must never lose faith in it. We must seek, in our own ways, to uplift and nurture it. We can start with our families, friends, co-workers and the people around us. Then perhaps move further afield with philanthropic causes.

While friendship and everything related to it is the main focus of the site I will on the odd occasion be adding articles to the categories below.

Heroes Among Us

Here I’ll be highlighting heroic deeds from around the world.


We’ll be taking a look at screen legends, billionaires, fashion designers and other people of interest.


This is a kind of social commentary on certain people who have attracted my attention.

Crusaders of Earth

People who have embraced philanthropic causes.

Dangers to Humanity

I’ll cover topics like global warming, overpopulation, overfishing, deforestation and non-sustainable agriculture. I will be starting with the Fukushima’s Nuclear Power Plant in Japan.

The Floral Wreath of Humanity

If humanity is a giant sequoia tree then flowers are the vine that have attached themselves inextricably to us. Here I talk about that relationship.

Social Issues

There are many troubling issues that assail humanity like elder abuse, poverty, environmental pollution and age discrimination. In this section we will be looking at these issues as well as those  organizations that are trying to do something about it.

Inspiring Performances

To Inspiring Performances I add  performances that have a ‘Wow’ factor. Standing ovations and thunderous applause are the norm here.

Inspiring Speeches

To Inspiring Speeches I add speeches that will touch your heart and make you think.

Global Voyages (Not Yet Started)

A look at the countries of South East Asia and the people there. Their cultures, customs, the food they eat and other ways those countries are people distinctive.
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