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November 6, 2013

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Richard Branson Biographies

People like Richard Branson here make for interesting biographies. I look forward to writing a biography on him after reading his book, “Business Stripped Bare.”

User:David ShankboneCC-BY-3.0

Biographies Can Teach Us a Lot About Life

Biographies are an intriguing open window on the lives of others. Starting on page one you suddenly find yourself on the path of life someone else has walked. It can be interesting, riveting, rewarding, educational and inspirational. Biographies help quench our thirst for knowledge about the people we’re interested in and ideally learn something of value along the way.

I tend to read biographies for two reasons.

The first is to learn more about someone I admire. I want some questions answered. Why are they famous or noteworthy? What did they do and in particular what were the milestones they reached?

What were the influences that caused them to be who they are? Everyone is like a fascinating sandstone sculpture that has been shaped by the elements. These elements are our parents, upbringing, education and the experiences in life that we have. I particularly enjoy reading about those who even in adversity consciously and deliverately carved and sanded a life that is or was truly remarkable.

The second reason I read biographies is to learn something. What wisdom and valuable knowledge do they have that could benefit me? I’m hoping for some gold nuggets that will help me live a richer, more fulfilling life.

I hope to be covering a lot of this ground in the biographies I write in the future.

Biographies Jay Sean
Gold Moroon Middle Line

Image by Violet Gottrop (user: Muriel Gottrop) Pictured: Sandstone Lion’s Head/ CC BY-SA 1.0

Biographies Elephants Rock
Image by Ken Thomas ( – personal website of photographer / Public domain

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