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Danilo the Hero: Fighting For His Sister’s Life

By Andrew Burgon /
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October 21, 2013

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Danilo the Hero saves his sister with the help of another boy

Danilo Proves himself a Hero by Saving His Sister from a Bitterly Cold Death

Becoming a hero is by no means reserved for adults alone. According to the Russian news agency, tragedy almost struck when Valya fell into a river’s ice-hole. Her 5 year old brother Danilo Zaitsev grabbed her and held onto her tenaciously. When he could no longer do so due to the cold and fatigue he used his teeth to hold onto his sister’s hood till help arrived. Thirty frantic minutes passed.

A girl who heard and saw their distress ran home to get her older brother, Ivan Zhamyanov. Her 15 year old brother quickly came to their rescue and pulled the girl out.

When the local school authorities heard about it they petitioned the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Buryatia to award the two boys for their heroic action.

The video below talking about the incident is in Russian.

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