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Motorcyclists Become Heroes by Stopping Hit and Run Taxi

By Andrew Burgon /
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October 25, 2013

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Heroes Among Us motorcyclists chase taxi that fails to stop after accident

Motorcyclists Go in Pursuit of a Taxi Driver Who Kept on Driving

People can become heroes in so many ways. Take, for example, a recent incident in my neighborhood. Walking up a road close to my home I suddenly heard the sickening thud of an accident. This one was louder than usual though. I looked behind me and saw a motor scooter on it’s side and someone sitting on the road.

A surreal image then came into view. A taxi with it’s front fender almost torn off passing by me. You could see the front license plate standing behind the taxi. It was the driver involved in the accident and he had no intention of stopping.

Noting that someone had already gone to help the fallen motorcyclist, I focused my attention on the taxi that was still distancing itself from the scene of the accident. Perhaps the driver was hurt and in shock or he just didn’t want to face the consequences. Either way he didn’t stand a chance of fleeing the scene.

I had already made a mental note of his license plate but it wasn’t necessary. Three other motorcyclists were in hot pursuit of the taxi, beeping their horns and telling him to stop. When he did so one of them parked his motor scooter right in front of the taxi. For good measure I took a photo of the taxi with my cell phone.

For some reason the driver remained in the car no doubt waiting for the police to arrive. The motorcyclists waited with him till the police arrived ten minutes later. Wow, what an awesome lightning response from the motorcyclists. I doubt an elite squad of commando’s could have done better.

Have you seen any heroes making their presence felt in similar situations?
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