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November 26, 2013

border humanity

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The World is a Kaleidoscope of People

People. What a fascinating bunch of beings we are. So much so that a whole industry has arisen weaving stories about the notables among us such as Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift and Barrack Obama and generating hundreds of millions of dollars in the process.

There is no mystery nor puzzlement as to why. The allure is immediately fathomable.

Powerful individuals in conjunction with others ruling nations and influencing others far beyond their borders.

Sirens of the silver screen and concert stage mesmerizing the masses with their talents and charm.

Meanwhile, fashion designers, the demi-gods of fashion, use their creativity, imagination and inspiration to create wondrous works of wearable art admired the world over.

In the People category, I talk about the people I’m interested in. I will be starting with  fashion designer John Galliano.



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