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The Floral Wreath of Humanity

By Andrew Burgon /
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December 1, 2013

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floral wreath of humanity flowers
Image by Marie-Lan Nguyen / CC-BY-2.5

 The Floral Wreath of Humanity Covers the Importance and Use of Flowers Throughout the Ages

Flowers hold a special place in the heart of humanity. Their use by humans harking back to ancient times. They are used as a visual expression of love, devotion, sympathy and respect. A silent way to reveal and express our innermost feelings and thoughts. Their presence is widespread and are used in countless ways from condolences offered to the adorning of gods.

In the series, ‘The Floral Wreath of Humanity,’ I’ll be writing about the history of flowers. How ancient civilizations used them. The language they have been imbued with and the symbolism they have assumed. We will also take a look at the many ways they are used around the world.

The Floral Wreath of Humanity

Rose Petals: Moments in History

Rose petals have made an appearance at some of the most bizarre, tragic and glorious moments of human history. Read my stories and see if you can guess the event in human history that I’m talking about.

Flowers of the Gods

Since ancient times people have showed their devotion and respect to the gods by offering flowers to them. Here we take a look at Isis, Aphrodite and Xochipilli and the place flowers took in the relationship between humans and the divine.

Monoi Oil From Tahiti

Monoi oil is a famous product hailing from Tahiti. A mix of coconut oil and the petals of Tiare flowers. Here we look at it’s history and use.

A Woman’s Love of Roses

A woman to whom all rose lovers owe a debt of gratitude…

Pierre Joseph Redoute: Artist Extraordinaire

A remarkable floral illustrator of his time who used stipple engraving to create his wonderful pictures.

The Mysterious Black Rose of Halfeti

This rose may have more in common with the Loch Ness Monster than we originally thought!

The Otherworldly Flower Called the Snapdragon

These flowers have been attributed with supernatural powers for hundreds of years.

The Beautiful Land of Flowers Called Tahiti

Flowers play an integral part in the culture of Tahiti and there’s no escaping them even at the airport.

The Versatile Dandelion: More Than Meets the Eye

The Dandelion is not only a childhood sweetheart but an edible healthy treat as well.
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